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Austin Hill is one of a kind!! He just had his 21st surgery at the beginning of July over the Summer to prepare his bladder for a kidney transplant. His kidney is only working at about 20% and he takes over 40 medications a day to help sustain the kidney function he has left. Austin’s Mom and Dad (Chelline & Jason) give him injections in his arm at home 3 times a week and he’s on a special renal diet because some types of food is dangerous to his kidney function. Austin is currently waiting for a live donor for a kidney transplant. He is also on the deceased donor list but that can take a lot longer and the deceased donor kidneys do not last as long. Austin’s family has recently started a Facebook page. (check it out here)

Not only is Austin having kidney failure, he also has had over 21 surgeries in the short 17 years that he has lived! He was born with a tethered spinal chord and the family didn’t know until he was 2 years of age. This has caused him a lot of nerve damage with his lower extremities and has has several feet and leg surgeries. With his growth, he has had his Back de-tethered several times, bladder issues and now walks with braces to help aide in his walking!

Austin is one of the kindest, sweetest, bravest and most loving boys you could meet. He puts everyone first! He is thankful everyday for his life and feels blessed to have the family, friends, and school that he goes too! He hardly ever complains and we are proud of him in so many ways! We know God has big plans for him! He wants to go far in life and make a difference in the world!!

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