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Ashton has held a world title for the past two years!  This year he won the final four championships (top four in the World for UWTA). First place in Olympic Sparing, and second place,  after a tiebreaker for first, in Kukkiwon forms, for his division.  We are super proud of him!

Ashton’s Mother, Rachel, said:

“I have to say one of my favorite compliments ever received for Ashton came from another parent, that has a child attending lessons at his dojo AMAC… She said ” we were here checking to see if taking taekwondo was a good choice for our child.  After watching how Ashton performed, taught lessons in class, and had such great character qualities and dedication, I decided…if my son (grandchild) can become that, then I would love to have him join”.

Later talking to Ashton about his dedication to this sport, and his experience with teaching, since he teaches 4-6 classes a week.  He said…. ” I really was surprised at how impactful this sport has been”  and I though he was going to tell me about the qualities like perseverance, indomitable spirit or self-control, that are highly valued in taekwondo.  However, instead he said ” how much he enjoyed sharing his faith with other students, and commented on how sharing his love for the Lord with students and parents in casual conversations after classes, is something he is really blessed by.”

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