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What is Scrip?

  • Scrip is “substitute money”.
  • When our school purchases scrip, we receive gift cards or certificates that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them.
  • Scrip can be used to purchase anything from groceries, fuel, clothing, toys, and cosmetics to entertainment, electronics, home improvement, or household services.
  • Offering freedom of choice and versatility, scrip is also a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion.
  • What makes scrip a valuable and effective fundraising tool is that as you use it to buy your favorite products and services our schools will receive a portions of what you spend.

Why buy Scrip?

  • Whenever possible, please make it a point to use SCRIP. We continue to praise God for His faithfulness but tuition covers only a part of our operating needs. We count on programs like SCRIP to meet some of our maintenance and school programs.

Here is how to order Scrip online

  • If you have already registered online or would like to, log in here. Be sure to use this Forest Lake Christian School id when you register: L4BD2LD712711
  • Once you place your online order your school representative will be notified. You may make your payment by dropping a check off at the school office or providing a credit card number when your representative contacts you. It’s that easy.