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PTF Mission Statement

PTF: Our Mission Statement

Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is an organization designed to encourage fellowship, build cooperation, and pursue topics and projects of mutual interest between teachers and parent/guardians of Forest Lake Christian Elementary. All parents/guardians of current FLCS students and all faculty/staff are participating members of PTF.  Its officers (executive committee) provide primary communication between parents/guardians and the administration, and between parents/guardians and the School Board. In achieving these purposes, the following goals have been identified: 

  1. To involve home and school in a combined effort towards the development of each child. 
  2. To stimulate interest by means of PTF meetings and activities, both social and service oriented.
  3. To create ways to make parents/guardians a more integral part of FLCS and PTF.
  4. To identify and provide service for school and community needs and functions.

PTF is primarily available to serve as a liaison between parents/guardians and Administration/Board, keep parents/guardians involved, and offering support to our staff.  The PTF is available to assist with any coordination of parents/guardians, teachers and students for a variety of functions.  This role varies from holding general meetings, to providing various volunteers and funds for events.  PTF hosts several events throughout the school year.  Some of these events are “Bid and Boogie”, St. Nicolaus Sale, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Talent Show, Science Fair and Field Day. 

Every parent/guardian is automatically a member of the PTF.  That is the only prerequisite to becoming an active part of the PTF team.  All events are accomplished with volunteer individuals of the PTF, with many people doing a little work.  This system not only creates many opportunities for new friendships, but it also transforms PTF each year to represent what WE, the parents, wish it to be. 

The PTF is led by a board of volunteer officers whom are all dedicated Christian parents desiring to serve and aid in the well-rounded education of all Forest Lake Christian Elementary students. Your executive committee board members for the 2017-1018 school year are as follows:

President:  Kristy Tucker

Vice-President:  Brandy Lidbeck

Treasurer: Michelle Gysen

Communications: Sarah Lee

The PTF will be fully transparent in all monies coming in and going out.  A financial update will be provided at each Monthly Monday Meeting.  We strive to be solvent with all monies we have earned by putting them back into the running of the FLCS PTF Events as well as meet FLCS Elementary School needs.  Designation of funds to meet school needs will be voted upon by the members of the PTF and decided by majority.  We will also work toward building and maintaining a small reserve fund for future use.