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School-wide Safety Plan

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Forest Lake Christian School coaches, faculty, staff, and members of our transportation department practice bus evacuations, fire drills and lock down drills with the students with planned frequency throughout the year to ensure that crisis event responses are rehearsed.

A positive and productive working relationship is maintained with local law enforcement agencies, first responders in fire and ambulance along with our local departments of health services. Our location requires relationships with both Nevada and Placer Counties.

Any crisis event may require the mobility of administrative personnel. Proper assessment of a situation is invaluable for sound management of that situation. Although cell phones are effective tools of communication for most situations, they are not always reliable. Reliable mobile communication devices are located in office complexes to ensure a consistent communication network. They are located in the office of the On-Site Administrator, the School President, the Facilities Manager, and the Office of Transportation. These devices have sufficient range and programming capabilities to keep all relevant parties connected while on the move.

Additionally, in the event of a crisis, a mobile administrator will be in possession of a “Go Box”. A “Go Box” is designed to provide valuable information concerning the population of the school in case an administrative office is not accessible in an emergency. All relevant parental/guardian contact numbers, names of students and their photo images, as well as their location throughout the day would be in administrative possession.

The contact cell number of administrators, members of the transportation department, facilities and all first responders to a crisis are also available. Facility maps, room/building exit routes, bus stop locations and the Crisis Management Manual are all included.

If you have any questions, please contact the school administration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]