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An entrance exam fee of $25.00 is required for all students applying at Forest Lake Christian School (“FLCS”) for the first time or who attended another school and desire to return to FLCS. Please see Application Information for additional information about the application process.


An annual registration fee must be paid and an online Enrollment Contract completed in order to enroll a student in FLCS. Registration fees cover student accident insurance, supplies, and miscellaneous school supplies. Registration fees cover books and workbooks for TK through Eighth Grade students. Junior High and High School students receive a student body card and a yearbook.


Transitional Kindergarten Registration Fee: $200

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Registration Fee: $250

Seventh and Eighth Grade Registration Fee: $250

Ninth through Twelfth Grade Registration Fee: $300



Tuition is charged on an annual basis and is not related to the number of days in a given month. Tuition payments are due on the first of the month and considered late after the last day of the month.

Annual tuition rates:

Transitional Kindergarten Annual Tuition: (3 days per week): $4,700

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Annual Tuition: $6,000

Seventh and Eighth Grade Annual Tuition: $7,000

Ninth through Twelfth Grade Annual Tuition: $7,700



Payment Plans: Families may choose to pay tuition on a ten or twelve month plan.


Grade Level:

Ten Month Plan August – May

Twelve Month Plan June – May

Transitional Kindergarten



K – 6th Grade



7th and 8th Grade



9th through 12th Grade




Multiple Student Discount

10 Month Plan

12 Month Plan

Second Student

$50.00 per month

$40.00 per month

Third Student and above

$120.00 per month

$100.00 per month



Annual Tuition Discount: Tuition paid in full prior to August 1st, will receive a discount off of the annual tuition amount. The discount will be $350.00 for High School and Middle School, $300.00 for Elementary students.

Multiple Student Discount: Discounts are offered for families with more than one student enrolled at Forest Lake Christian School. The oldest student is considered the first student in the family, the second student is the next oldest, etc.

Referral and Enrollment of New Family Discount: A discount of 10% on one tuition will be given to current FLCS families who refer a new family to FLCS. The new family must indicate on their application and confirm in the interview that they were referred to FLCS by a family with a currently enrolled student. The new family must enroll student(s) and pay all registration fees before the discount will be issued to the referring family.

Early Registration Discount: Returning families who pay registration fees between February 1 and March 15 will receive a $100.00 discount off registration fees for the first student, and a $50.00 discount for each additional student. New students who register within 5 days of acceptance will have their testing fee credited to the registration amount. Enrollment for new families begins March 15, 2017.

Late Fees: Tuition payments received after the last day of the month will be subject to a $35.00 per student, per month charge.

Non-Sufficient Funds: Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee, electronic corrections or adjustment fees will be assessed on your next statement.