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High School Information

Our students engage in a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, expansive reading, and successful writing practices. Our desire is for our students to gain the ability to meaningfull interaction with ideas from all world views in thoughtful ways that clearly demonstrate the clarity of the Christian worldview.

Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves through Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Credit courses which can result in college credit prior to graduation. Interested students may choose from concert choir, choir, worship arts, photography, art, multimedia, photography, yearbook, drama, and a variety other elective courses.

In addition to our course offerings, students are able to pursue their interests and explore their academic skills through a variety of extra-curricular opportunities in addition to our numerous athletic teams. These extra-curricular opportunities include: Student Council, ASB, Mission Teams, and misc. sports teams.

FLCS students perform exceptionally well on the ACT and AP tests, and perform in the top quartile on the Stanford Achievement tests. These and other high performance markers are supported by the exceptional lists of highly ranked colleges and universities to which our students gain admission.

However, it is important to remember that education takes place in places other than the classroom as well. At FLCS, our lively student life opportunities promote a strong sense of community and belonging among our students. Our full slate of Spiritual Life, extra-curricular activities, and social events offer students outlets for learning about how wisdom is practiced and character is lived.

If you are looking for a place that will help your student gain a strong foundation for enhanced academic achievement and social opportunities, all from a Christian worldview perspective, we would love to meet you.